TPS® – Thermo Plastic Spacer

The Original. Proven since 1994.

Sustainable, efficient and durable.



  • TPS® allows applying the thermoplastic spacer material directly onto the glass plate
  • Most modern and flexible solution
  • Simplifies organization within the factory
  • Even mixed production can be flexibly manufactured on a single line in an endless mode – without any loss of time.



  • Glaston launched the technology into the market in 1994
  • Over 150 TPS® systems in use globally
  • Several million TPS® IG units installed



  • Only one single machine instead of separate IG production processes
  • No more bending, sawing, connecting, filling and butyl coating necessary
  • Spacer widths can be changed automatically without manual intervention

New drum pump system

  • Glaston is the inventor of the dual-drum pump system for an entirely interruption-free production process. This guarantees a continuous material flow even if drum changes take place during production
  • NEW: Glaston-patented, specially designed follower plate
  • Higher heating capacity and optimized material flow. This leads to up to 35% improved material output and productivity
  • No need to reduce the speed for larger spacer widths or larger glass plates
  • New drum pump system is available as an upgrade for all existing Glaston TPS®IG manufacturing lines with SIMOTION control

New drum trolley system

  • TPS® features a new drum trolley system
  • The trolley system enables a simple drum change in less than three minutes. The same process takes around 10 minutes for alternative solutions
  • Easy to use, the new drum trolley system requires only four actions from the operator: unlock, lift, replace, lock
  • No need for heavy lifting, eliminating risks to operator health and safety

Gear pump technology

  • Instead of two complex and massive cylinders used in conventional systems, TPS® features an efficient gear pump technology for the dosing unit
  • Gear pump technology leads to higher material dosing accuracy and application quality
  • Changing the dosing nozzle is quick and easy

Gear pump technology

  • Unlike other solutions, Glaston uses an endless vacuum suction belt instead of a suction axe
  • An endless vacuum suction belt is especially efficient for the manufacturing of triple IG units
  • Glass transportation happens quickly and continuously, and the cycle time remains short

Bevel joint

  • Glaston can now address individual customer needs and position the bevel joint in every corner, which makes it almost invisible
  • The bevel joint positioning on the glass side is also possible
  • It is suitable for all glass formats and spacer widths between 4 and 20 mm
  • Unlike other solutions on the market, Glaston’s bevel joint doesn’t require any thermal-mechanical reworking or finishing processes
  • Irrespective of radii, small or large airspaces between the glass units, Glaston’s bevel joint ensures the highest gas tightness
  • When installed in a window frame, it makes the final aesthetic appearance admirable

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With over 650 employees, Northeast Building Products, based in Philadelphia PA, USA, manufactures high quality, energy efficient windows, doors and ancillary products for the residential window and door market. Alan Levin, President of NBP, has partnered with Bystronic glass since 2009 when they invested in the cutting edge Sashlite™ technology, SashLine, to support the company’s diversification and growth strategy.

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Metro Performance Glass, New Zealand

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Bystronic glass once again achieved great success after the commissioning and installation of a new B’JUMBO I.G. line in Auckland, New Zealand. The progressive project is part of an expansion phase at one of Australasia’s leading glass processors – Metro Performance Glass.

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