Glaston Care service agreements

Service agreements tailored for your needs

Glaston Care agreement offers you three levels of service


Glaston Care Lite – secure your investment


Glaston Care – ensure reliable operation


Glaston Care Profit – achieve full potential

Service level to match your needs

A Care service agreement provides the service you need for reliable and profitable operation. We help you secure your investment and minimize unscheduled production downtime with regular service visits. The Care service agreement helps you achieve the full potential of your glass production and a boost in overall equipment efficiency.

We are at your service with the broadest service network and world-class professionals with expertise you can fully rely on.

Our experts can help you in selecting the service level that is best suited to your production targets. We also provide the Care value calculator to guide you in finding a service level to match your needs.

Safety and advantage through regular maintenance

The diverse range of our maintenance contracts provides each customer with the right service for their specific requirements – from extended hotline times to a full-service package. Decide for yourself which service modules you require for the ideal operation of your machines and units.


Arcon-Dur, Germany

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"When we bought our Glaston Tamglass HTF ProE 2442 furnace in 2000, we decided to get the Glaston Care service agreement at the same time,” says Horst Würzburger, Technical Manager at Arcon-Dur. “The reason for the agreement was to have quick support and maintenance availability for our machines in case of emergency".

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Viridian Group, Australia

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Viridian has been a long-term customer for the Glaston Care agreement, which currently covers eight locations in Australia and New Zealand with a total of 9 Glaston furnaces.

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Goldray Industries, Canada

#appliances #Glaston Care

“Based on the positive outcome with the edging machinery service agreement, we then decided about a year ago to extend the Glaston Care to cover our Glaston furnace, which too has made such a big difference.”

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