Automatic sealing

Continuous sealing of insulating glass units with different forms and dimensions

Here are three reasons why Glaston’s automatic sealing solution is your best choice


Continuous, automatic sealing of insulating glass units in varying forms and dimensions


Fast, volume-controlled dosing system


Excellent mixing and dosing quality


Convincing gear pump dosing technology matters


Glaston‘s new automatic sealing robot ACTIVE‘SEALER is an ideal entry-level solution for the automated sealing process, targeting the mid-range market segment.

  • Excellent mixing and dosing quality for all approved two-component sealants
  • Convincing gear pump system ensures a high material dosing accuracy
  • Excellent sealing quality due to volumecontrolled dosing system close to the nozzle
  • The mixing ratio is electronically adjustable
  • Automatic nozzle centering for varying spacer widths
  • Homogeneously sealed corners due to nozzlespatula system
  • Safe and clean glass transport due to air cushions and a conveyor system consisting
    of individual belts with integrated, easily exchangeable support bars
  • Easy to use human machine interface with an intuitive touch screen display

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High-speed sealing robot for insulating glass units


Slow was yesterday

With SPEED’SEALER, you can really step on the gas

  • Highly accurate dosing technology for instant volume adjustment when there are changes in the joint depth
  • Optimum sealing quality, even with changes in temperature and material batch as well as at the start of production
  • Self-monitoring, constant mixing ratio of the two material components
  • Self-cleaning, flow-optimized mixer prevents clogging in the mixing section
  • Reduced wear and tear due to very low fluid pressure
  • Graphical user interface for intuitive control through a touchscreen


Sealing technology with new dimensions


Automatic sealing of the highest level

The solution for maximum requirements

  • Continuous, automatic sealing of insulating glass units with different forms and dimensions, especially suitable for large-dimensioned elements up to 18 m in length (XXL version)
  • Homogeneously sealed corners due to the nozzle/spatula system
  • Patented conveyor systems for safe and clean transport
  • Modular engineering concept


  • Automatic sealing of up to four-sided stepped insulating glass units
  • Automatic sealing material changing system – up to 10 times faster than other systems
  • 200-liter drum pump for B component
  • Several undergrip options available in the discharge area
  • Nozzles for special applications