Turning every glass surface into a power source

To cope with growing sustainability and energy-conservation needs, modern glazing has gone through exciting new developments. By combining glass with photovoltaics, the resulting material generates solar energy – and helps transform the world into a greener place for all.

Photovoltaic panels require thinner glass, while solar concentrators need more flexible shapes. For both, Glaston provides advanced pre-processing and heat treatment technologies to produce even the most demanding solar solutions.

  • An emphasis on sustainable and energy-efficient products is driving greater demand for glass in the solar energy market
  • Unique, innovative solar glass has revolutionized the building industry forever
  • Especially in the solar market, glass quality is of crucial importance
  • A wide variety of solar solutions is available for all needs
  • Hundreds of glass processing lines have been delivered to PV glass manufacturers across the world
  • Over 50 years of experience in glass pre-processing and bending technologies has made us experts in meeting the increasing demand for curved solar glass
  • Our continued focus is on increased capacity, improved technical parameters and cost reduction