Flawless quality for bent and tempered glasses

Need to produce the highest quality bent tempered glass?
Here are three reasons why Glaston HTBS is your best choice


Flawless quality with most advanced heating control

  • #1 choice for the most demanding glasses with cut-outs and wide printed areas
  • New-generation solution with the most dense control matrix in heating and convection
  • Most precise Vortex Plus & Pro convection control
  • Patented Roller Heat Control (RHC) gives the most responsive heating control


Highest yield

  • Made for short and long runs with the highest yield
  • Zero tooling – no changeover time
  • High repeatability with Glaston bending technology
  • Unique Glaston Boost system for guaranteed ECE fragmentation


Lifetime services

  • Increased capability and capacity with upgrades
  • Over 50 years of process expertise
  • 100% made in Finland with worldwide support

The future is around the next bend

With over 50 years of process and machine building experience, Glaston HTBS is the answer to the most challenging needs of the automotive, appliance and furniture glass industries.

It’s the #1 choice for the most demanding glasses, such as hopper glasses, which are large sidelites up to 2,400 x 1,700 mm with wide printed areas and cutouts. Whether you are producing big sidelites or small vents, the HTBS product range
covers it.

Quality comes through controllability. High control resolution in heating and convection combined with Roller Heat Control (RHC), the most responsive control for heating, results in a flawless end product. This eliminates disturbances and maintains a stable temperature.

With optional Vortex Pro convection control, an operator can even set convection to follow the glass and set a glass-specific profile. In this way, heat and air are introduced only to the desired areas.