Quartz Glass & Mirror makes tempering personal

Glaston RC200 brings service closer to customers “In the past, we tempered our glass some 40-minutes’ drive away. Since there were always delays, we decided to purchase a Glaston RC200 furnace and expand our offering to bring a faster, better service – closer to our customers,” Mariusz Lojowski, President of Quartz Glass & Mirror (QGM), states. “After careful consideration, we decided […]

TuffX Glass times it right

Glaston FC500 starts up according to plan “It’s perfect timing,” says John Tierney, Operating Directorof TuffX Glass, as his third and newest Glaston furnace, the FC500 is starting to roll out glass. “The market is back with a vengeance. Demand for high-performance glass used in the UK conservatories is starting to outpace supply. And we […]

TriStar Glass moves fast, adapts quickly to change

Second Glaston FC500 soon in operation “I’d say we’ve always been informed opportunists,” states Tim Kelley, owner of TriStar Glass. “What sets us apart is being able to move fast, to adapt quickly to change. We’re proud of being privately owned and independent. Our company has been built by our people who give us a […]

UniGlass Polska offers top-quality tempering with Glaston FC500

Creating lasting customers relationships From the beginning, UniGlass Polska has consistently pursued a dynamic growth strategy in providing high-quality glass and being a reliable supplier with short delivery times for its customers. In response to recently evolving customer requests, UniGlass purchased its first tempering furnace from Glaston. Thanks to the high quality and large capacity, […]

AluNile praises its experience with first exported Glaston FC500

For the past five years, Nile Aluminium & Metals Company, or AluNile, has had very positive experiences with Glaston’s first FC500 tempering furnace sold outside Finland. The company prides itself on designing and delivering truly aesthetic, economical and high-performance glass and aluminum solutions. With Glaston FC500, AluNile has expanded its capacities to process all types of highly demanding glass products for the Egyptian […]

Tufwell Glass Ltd gains greater capacity with Glaston RC200

Being highly focused on flat glass processes for partitioning used in the office industry, Tufwell Glass Ltd has carved out a unique and resilient position for itself in southeast region of England. Backed by over 30 years of business success, the company reached the point where it needed to increase its toughening capacity. The Glaston RC200 flat tempering furnace fit the company’s […]

European Glass sets records with first of two new Glaston FC500 lines

Headquartered in Park Royal, London, European Glass Group is the largest independent glass processor in the UK and Ireland with production in four facilities, including two in London, and sites at Swindon and Manchester. Staying at the forefront of the glass processing industry has always been the guiding principle for the company. This was also one of the main drivers late last year for […]

Independent Glass, UK reaches larger projects with Glaston FC500™

Independent Glass, one of the largest independent toughened and laminated glass manufacturers and merchants in the UK, chose the FC500 as its fifth Glaston furnace for use at its Quay Road site in Glasgow. Quality has been so good that the company is now capable of producing 2.8 mm toughened glass to ECER43 automotive standard and a thickness range of 2–12 […]

Glaston opens brand-new showroom in Finland

Opportunity to experience the future of glass processing technology During GPD 2015 this week Glaston will open its brand-new showroom in Tampere, Finland, to give guests a first-hand opportunity to see some of its latest glass processing technology in action. The main goal of Glaston’s new showroom is to present what is possible today as […]

Lindes of Mexico – Bringing comfort and sustainability to the people

Starting with innovative glass solutions for the building and housing market in 1980, Lindes, formerly Vidrios Marte, in Mexico City, Mexico, is today known for being an ambassador of sustainability. It is also the country’s leader in the fabrication and distribution of insulating glass. To help support its goal of bringing eco-friendly comfort to the people it serves, […]

Royal United Metal & Glass orders first Glaston FC500 in UAE

Exceeding expectations with quality and beyond Royal United Metal & Glass has its sights set high to create not only architecturally exceptional buildings and structures, but also to provide its United Arab Emirates market with quality glass that is second to none. The business plan for 2015 alone calls for a growth from the current 120 employees […]

Welcome to Glastory, the first-ever glass community for learning and sharing

We at Glaston believe sharing is caring. Very little information and know-how related to glass processing has been openly available until now. With the idea of making the glass processing industry more accessible and clear, we created Glastory for everyone to learn, use and succeed. Glastory is a one-of-a-kind community for collaboration of glass processors and […]

PJB Glass Group chooses Glaston RC200

Serving all glass requirements After 10 years of experience with the Glaston HTF 2142 furnace, Paul Buckley, Managing Director of the PJB Glass Group, decided to complement his flat glass production offering by investing in a Glaston RC200 furnace. This will enable the company to increase production of a broad range of tempered glass types for customers. Flat […]

Anglian Windows selects Glaston FC500 for Norwich site

High capacity, low energy usage – and above all – quality As the UK’s leading home improvements company, Anglian Windows, a part of the Anglian Group, has chosen Glaston’s FC500 tempering furnace to replace an existing machine for its site in Norwich. With consumer confidence now growing again, and in particular the housing market picking up, the time seemed […]

Northern Express Glass stays unrivalled with Glaston FC500

Bigger bed, bigger capacity – far better quality For over 20 years, Northern Express Glass (NEG) has enjoyed controlled growth in its home region of Lancashire, England. The family owned and run company is most appreciated by its customers for offering quality at a competitive price. Until now, Glaston furnaces have been an aspiration for the company. […]

Strong 2014 for Glaston in UK

Throughout all of 2014, Glaston had exceptionally strong FC500 tempering furnace sales in the UK market. The latest contract signed in early December with European Glass Group is for two more FC500 lines, one of which will be the biggest FC500 furnace that Glaston has sold to date. This deal now brings the total number […]

First-ever GlastonInsight to Japan

Sanshiba Shozai goes for gold Sanshiba Shozai of Japan chose to be the first glass processor in the world to invest in Glaston’s latest GlastonInsight, the intelligent online assistance system, at the same time as it ordered the Glaston RC350 tempering furnace. The main reasons for the investments are to increase the company’s tempering production […]

First-ever GlastonAir together with Glaston ProBend to Tecnoglass Colombia

Tecnoglass invests new Glaston machinery to stay ahead After a game-changing decision in early 2013 to change all six of its tempering furnaces over to Glaston FC500, Tecnoglass of Colombia has continued to set new records. Now Tecnoglass is setting additional records by being the world’s first owner of the latest GlastonAir. The company is also investing in Glaston […]

Glasstec 2014 – daily live demos at GlastOnStage

We welcome you to join live demos at GlastOnStage in Hall 14, Stand A20 during Glasstec 2014 to learn more about the latest in glass processing technology and services as well as what’s new in the architectural, automotive and solar applications.

Glaston at GlassBuild America 2014

Coming: A strong line-up of products and services from Glaston At GBA 2014 Glaston will unveil many new and exciting products and services for your chosen sector of glass processing. We’re bringing you the strongest line-up ever for high-quality glass that answers your customers’ needs for the ultimate in excellence and operational efficiency. You can […]

Mid-American Glass moves into tempering with Glaston FC500

Helping customers expect more Located in Davenport, Iowa, USA, along the Mississippi River, Mid-American Glass (MAG) decided to invest in its first Glaston FC500 flat glass tempering furnace to offer its customers added value, higher quality and superior service. As a medium-sized wholesaler, fabricator and distributor of glass in the region for the past 27 years, MAG […]

Float Glass invests in Glaston FC500

Lower surface emissivity glass and superior flatness Float Glass Industries Ltd (FGI) of Manchester, UK, announce their decision to invest in Glaston’s FC500 flat glass temperingfurnace. “When we knew we needed to replace our oldest furnace, we went to see the Glaston FC500 in operation at another UK location,” Dawn Offland says. “The quality was […]

Ravensby chooses Glaston FC500 for new facilities

Well positioned to advance as market pick ups While demand in the UK market starts picking up again, Ravensby Glass Co Ltd has been busy preparing itself to advance when the market rebounds. The Scottish company based in Dundee, has completed its investment in a second manufacturing facility in the beginning of 2014 and is […]

Canadian Court ordered Chinese competitor Northglass to pay damages to Glaston in patent infringement case加拿大联邦法院裁定北方玻璃就其侵犯格拉司通集团专利一案向格拉司通集团做出赔偿

Glaston Corporation Press release 9 May, 2014 格拉司通集团 新闻发布稿 2014-05-09 Canadian Court ordered Chinese competitor Northglass to pay damages to Glaston in patent infringement case 加拿大联邦法院裁定北方玻璃就其侵犯格拉司通集团专利一案向格拉司通集团做出赔偿 In November 2010, Canada’s Federal Court in Toronto, Ontario, Canada granted judgment in Glaston’s favour on the infringement of Glaston’s two patents for its unique tempering and bending technology. […]

Metro Performance Glass upgrades with Glaston iControL

Producing higher quality at lower costs Established 26 years ago, Metro Performance Glass is the newly upgraded brand name for a well-respected glass company that until just recently has been known throughout New Zealand as Metro GlassTech. The company is also a longterm customer for Glaston since purchasing its first tempering furnace in 1994. While refreshing its […]

Al-Manna purchases two Glaston FC500 tempering furnaces

A long history of good business collaboration Traditions in the Saudi Arabian glass processing industry run deep at Al-Manna, a glass processing company started by Mr. Manna Al-Amri over 60 years ago. When his son, Ibrahim Manna Al-Amri took over at the helm of the company eight years ago, he continued to guide the company’s great […]

Tvitec launches Glaston RC350 with super size and performance

One of the Europe’s largest furnace for sophisticatedarchitectural glass Although the company was newly established in Cubillos del Sil, León, in northwest Spain in 2007, Tvitec (Technical Glass Transformed) has rapidly made a world-class name for itself when it comes to supplying demanding architectural projects internationally. Now with the most recent addition of Glaston RC350, it leads […]

Four more FC500 orders for UK market

For Q1 2014, Glaston has won yet another four premium FC500 tempering furnace orders for delivery to the UK. These orders follow four earlier FC500 orders placed by UK companies during 2013. According to Steve Brammer, Glaston’s sales manager for the UK and Ireland, these new agreements represent a significant market rebound in the UK, […]

Glaston at China Glass 2014 – latest innovations, expanding services and support

We welcome you to explore our latest innovations and expanded product series and services at China Glass 2014 in Shanghai next week. GlastonAir advanced air flotation technology supports the glass by hot air instead of rollers, allowing glass as thin as 2 mm to be tempered without compromising optical quality. Additionally, thicker glass can now be […]

The Day of Heat Treated Glass – the Latest Development and Possibilities

Architect forum at Glaston Finland, Apr 3-4.2014 A group of invited, international architects specialized in glass usage in buildings are gathering at Glaston Finland during this week to discuss about the latest development and possibilities of thin heat-treated glass. The two day seminar will cover the following topics: The latest possibilities of thin heat-treated glass […]

Four orders for Glaston FC500 during 2013 – Confidence on rise in UK market

Marking the return of confidence in the UK glass processing industry, Glaston received four orders in 2013 alone from customers in the market for its premium FC500 tempering furnace. Glaston FC500 represents the industry’s highest standard for processing glass with optical quality and energy efficiency. Glaston FC500 increases production capacity by up to 40% while consuming 30% […]

New innovations at Vitrum 2013

In all we do, we make sure our equipment and services help you stay at the leading edge of glass processing for the customers you serve. The latest additions to our comprehensive offering keep you continuously innovating higher quality products with better delivery flexibility along with ways to lower your operational costs. New pre-processing technology: The […]

A control system upgrade brings you into this millennium

How would you define a lifecycle-long commitment to customers? For us, it means taking equally good care of new customers as well as those who have been doing business with us since the very beginning in the 1970s. The latest and most advanced control system of the market, Glaston iControL is now available as an upgrade […]

Glaston IriControL – latest technology to raise quality

Measure and reduce tempered glass iridescence We’re all familiar with the spots or streaks that show up on glass surfaces. This is especially true when there is a high degree of light polarization, with glass installations close to the sea or two to three hours before sunset. Thanks to the extensive research and development of […]