Kimmo Kuusela as new SVP of Glaston Sales and Service for Asia Pacific

As of the beginning of April 2024, Kimmo Kuusela has been appointed Senior Vice President of Sales and Service for Asia Pacific. He is based in Glaston’s office in Singapore to oversee the sales and service operations of Glaston products in the Asia Pacific region. “I’m looking forward to working with our existing and new […]

Glaston at China Glass 2024 – showcasing glass processing innovations

When the markets and industries keep changing, it is good to keep the essentials in mind – trusting the originals when choosing technology providers and partners to support you every step of the way. At this year’s China Glass, we will be showcasing some of our latest technology developments. Below are just a few of […]

Boosting profitability by up to 30% with Glaston solutions and services

Glaston, a pioneer in cutting-edge glass processing technologies, continues to advance automation solutions that improve the quality, efficiency and profitability of glass tempering. Effortless glass tempering with Autopilot Glaston Autopilot is the company’s newest technology in the field of tempering automation. This groundbreaking system provides fully automated glass tempering, taking care of all necessary settings […]

Glaston JUMBO XXL allows AGC Interpane to maintain its leading-edge

“I walk through our insulating glass production facility every day with pride,” says Daniel Bruckelt, Production Manager Insulating Glass of AGC Interpane in Plattling, Germany. “Not just because everything is so well organized and structured, but also because Glaston has given us a coherent concept for our unique insulating glass (IG) production. And this is […]

Press Glass Inc. invests in world’s first Glaston ProL convection upgrade

Since establishing their presence in the US through an acquisition, Poland-based Press Glass has continued its brisk growth based on the same values that make it the #1 glass fabricator in Europe and the UK. The company’s latest US investment is a Glaston ProL convection control upgrade at its Ridgeway, Virginia, plant. Bringing European expertise […]

Emirates Glass expands its Glaston fleet with Jumbo Series

Emirates Glass LLC, one of the leading organizations in the glass industry and a long-time advocate of Glaston technology, continues its journey of innovation and quality enhancement with the installation of the Glaston Jumbo Series flat glass tempering line featuring Vortex Pro convection technology. This investment marks Emirates Glass’s commitment to delivering top-notch architectural glass […]

VITRUM 2023 – Glaston is shaping the sustainable future of glass

Now is the time to focus on energy efficiency, quality and automation with every piece of glass processed. Below are just some of our latest developments that will be showcased at VITRUM 2023. In flat glass tempering – AI and automation Glaston is developing advanced heating and cooling technologies for the best glass quality, outstanding […]

Step Change Base Camp 2023 ignites progress in the glass industry

Step Change, a new integral pillar of the Glass Performance Days (GPD) 2023 conference, brought together visionary pioneers in glass innovation for the third time since its inception. This year, VELUX Group joined Glaston to host this special event to accelerate sustainable innovation in the glass industry. Twelve trailblazing startups joined the initiative, adding a […]

Ahlström Collective Impact Continues to Support UNICEF’s Education Work

Education plays a key role in reducing inequality and poverty and in strengthening societal stability. For the fourth consecutive year, Glaston as a member of Ahlström Collective Impact continues to support UNICEF’s global education work.   Ahlström Collective Impact, a unique cooperation model bringing together the companies and foundations in the Ahlström network, continues to […]

Glass Industry Fireside Chat -The way to sustainable growth

On June 14, just before the official Glass Performance Days 2023 Opening Ceremony in Tampere, Finland, Glaston hosted a Fireside Chat. At the forum, the distinguished GPD 2023 keynote speakers discussed with participants how to reach sustainable growth. The event was divided into three topics key to the industry today as it redefines the role […]

The glass industry’s leading event – GPD 2023 – makes a magical comeback

On June 14, Tampere, Finland, once again became the center of the global glass industry, discussing innovations and new trends during the opening of the Glass Performance Days (GPD) 2023 conference. The Opening Ceremony with a total of 550 participants from 40 countries took place in the brand-new Nokia Arena, right in the heart of […]

The power of saving energy with new technology

Energy efficiency is one of the key ways to make the electricity you use in production go further. Each time you save energy, you cut your electricity bill. This significantly contributes to mitigating climate change and increasing your profitability. Glaston continues to push the development of modern glass processing technology to meet production needs with […]

Glaston and VELUX Group join forces in Step Change Base Camp 2023 event during GPD – Accelerating sustainable innovation in the glass industry.

Glaston, a leading provider of glass processing technologies and lifecycle services, and the VELUX Group, a global leader in roof windows and skylights, are proud to announce their collaboration on Step Change Base Camp 2023 event at the Glass Performance Days (GPD) 2023 conference to promote sustainable innovation in the glass industry and address global […]

Opening up new opportunities with laminated glass

“We saw the move into laminating glass as an exciting opportunity to explore. It gives us an open door to many new areas, such as security, acoustic and decorative glass. After thoroughly reviewing six lines, we chose Glaston’s ProL lamination thanks to its convection heating and simplicity,” say Consolidated Glass Corporation’s Brad Bartley, General Manager, […]

Glaston @China Glass 2023 – Glaston is shaping the sustainable future of glass

Below are just some of our latest developments that will be showcased to the participants at this year’s China Glass. In insulating glass manufacturing: Glaston COMFORT’SEALER – New Sealing Robot For those who do not wish to seal IG units manually, Glaston has a new solution. With the aid of the automatic sealing robot COMFORT’SEALER, […]

Glaston RC Series proves to be the right move

“For nearly 25 years, our second-hand Glaston tempering line served customers with quality glass tempering. But after numerous upgrades and rebuilds, it was simply time to invest in a new tempering line. Glaston’s RC Series fit our needs. Now, we’re looking forward to operating it for the next 20+ years,” says Mats Pihlqvist, Site Manager at Industriglas […]

Reducing energy use by 30% with Glaston RC Series

“We had an excellent opportunity to replace our two older tempering furnaces with one new Glaston RC Series line to reduce energy consumption, avoid problems with outdated spare parts and beef up our production with more automation,” says Samir Bou Obeid, Chairman of AURYS. AURYS is one of Europe’s leading processors of decorative glass products […]

Glaston’s RC Series joins existing FC line – Maggie meets Louie Noodles

“Maggie gives us outstanding flexibility to temper 3 to 19 mm glass. Louie gives us purpose – to temper the best heat-strengthened and heavy commercial insulated glass,” says Michelle Magyar, President of Mid-American Glass. Not many tempering furnaces are fortunate to be christened with human names. But then, not many have an owner who treats […]

Glaston IG upgrade operations celebrate third anniversary

In February 2020, a brand-new Service Upgrade Insulating Glass Team was established at Glaston’s Neuhausen-Hamberg location in Germany. On February 1, 2023, the team celebrated its three-year anniversary. The goal of the team is to bring customers greater value through a lifecycle services approach, sustainable business growth and outstanding customer experience. “Our idea to set […]

Glaston’s Jumbo and FC Series lines set Al-Manna apart from the rest

“Our aim is to achieve the highest level of perfection with the glass we provide to the booming market in Saudi Arabia,” says Mr. Ibrahim and Mr. Dafeer Manna Al-Amri, who head up Al-Manna Glass in the country’s capital of Riyadh. Al-Manna is no stranger to Glaston. Established in 1952 by the father of Ibrahim […]

Jaakko-Tuote raises volume and energy efficiency

“The idea of investing in Glaston’s ProL-zone laminating furnace started as an R&D project for us. We wanted to see how it functions on one of our own safety glass lamination machines built in-house. The goal for us is to raise capacity and improve our lamination line’s energy efficiency. We’re starting an extremely demanding safety […]

Glas Dreisbusch gets the first-ever U-shaped Glaston VARIO TPS® line

“The idea of a special U-shaped design to fit our confined space was created over lunch by my son Maximillian Dreisbusch and two Glaston service engineers. I think this says everything about our close and collaborative partnership with Glaston,” says Thomas Dreisbusch, Managing Director of Glas Dreisbusch. With a history spanning nearly 100 years, Glas […]

Glaston is shaping the sustainable future of glass – glasstec 2022 reflections

After hundreds of meetings, countless smiling faces and steady handshakes and many new opportunities later, the Glaston team is back home from meeting the glass industry friends at glasstec 2022. Our exhibition motto at glasstec was “Shaping the sustainable future of glass”. By following this motto, Glaston offered during the four intensive days deep insights […]

Glasstec 2022 – Glaston is shaping the sustainable future of glass

Now with face-to-face events taking place once again, we are more than happy to meet our glass industry friends in person again at this year’s glasstec 2022. Below are just some of our latest developments that will be showcased to the participants at this year’s glasstec 2022. In flat glass tempering – with AI and […]

Enabling world-leading glass solutions

In celebration of the International Year of Glass 2022 – a year dedicated to celebrating glass by the United Nations, Glaston is spreading the word of using glass to build a better tomorrow.  In a video published today, Glaston presents its key glass processing technologies.  Glass is highly appreciated for being practical, decorative, and sustainable. […]

Kristal keeps delivering outstanding glass with Glaston upgrade

“We purchased the Glaston iControL and scanner upgrade to solve any concern with software or spare parts availability before they became an issue. Once installed, the upgrade helped us win a large glass façade project in Indonesia that required extremely high quality. Both we and Glaston can be proud of the high level of quality […]

Glas Herzog’s smooth startup of Glaston SPEED BOX IG line

“We have a great deal of confidence in our supplier,” says Andreas Herzog, Sr., Managing Director of Glas Herzog. “Our cooperation with former Bystronic glass – and now Glaston – is just as you would want it to be as a customer. In fact, we’re one of their oldest customers – 44 years and counting.” […]

Glaston together with Ahlström network stands by the children of Ukraine

We stand by the children of Ukraine and therefore have brought together our network of shareholders, employees, and stakeholders within the Ahlström network to help during this time of crisis. Ahlström Collective Impact is channeling the Ahlström network’s donations through UNICEF Finland to support health, nutrition, safe water, sanitation, and protection for children and families […]

Walshs Glass in Australia upgrades with Glaston’s Roller Heat Control (RHC)

In January 2021, Walshs Glass in Western Australia began using their Glaston RHC upgrade, enabling them to improve glass flatness and optical quality. “Today, we’re positioned to take advantage of the rapidly changing glass processing demands in Western Australia,” says Steve Cuff, Executive Operations Manager at Walshs Glass. Walshs’ first experience with Glaston was with a […]

Glaston’s CHAMP 25 helps Paragon meet growing demands

“When we saw the CHAMP 25 a few years ago, we knew this was the future we should pursue for our next round of capital expenditures,” says Dan Wright, CEO of Paragon Tempered Glass.   Dan and his colleague Wes Brigner, Director of Manufacturing, already knew Bystronic glass and Glaston well from their vast experience […]

Glaston’s remuneration report selected as the winner in series for small cap companies

The EU’s Second Shareholder Rights Directive has been implemented in Finnish national legislation as of June 2019. In 2020, all listed companies had to publish a remuneration policy and this year the first remuneration reports had to be presented at the Annual General Meeting for approval. In line with this, Glaston published its first remuneration […]

Glaston at VITRUM 2021

After the long break, we’re happy to meet you once again in person at this year’s VITRUM! It will truly be a welcome opportunity for us all to catch up and share news on the latest developments. We’re looking forward to hearing more about your business. Let’s celebrate being closer in touch – and explore […]

Ahlström Collective Impact makes significant investment into UNICEF’s Global Education Program

Ahlström Collective Impact (ACI), a responsibility initiative for companies and foundations within the Ahlström Network, has decided to make an investment of 600,000 € into UNICEF’s Global Education Program. Launched in August 2020, Ahlström Collective Impact is committed to creating change by investing in a better future for children in joint partnership with UNICEF Finland. […]

Joe Butler appointed Senior Vice President Sales and Service for Glaston Americas

As of the beginning of September 2021, Joe Butler has been appointed as Senior Vice President, Sales and Service for the Americas. He will be based in Glaston’s office in Mount Laurel, New Jersey to oversee the sales and service operations of Glaston products in the Americas. Joe has over 20 years of sales experience […]

Glaston at GlassBuild America 2021

After the long break, we’re happy to meet you once again in person at this year’s GBA! It will truly be a welcome opportunity for us all to catch up and share news on the latest developments. We’re looking forward to hearing more about your business. Let’s celebrate being closer in touch – and explore […]

MM4Glass and LatamGlass Glaston’s new partners in South America

Continuous customer support was the key priority for Glaston when moving to the new operating model in South America. As of June 2021, customer support, service and sales in South America will be provided through a local agent and partner network. As communicated earlier, Glaston’s operations in the Brazilian subsidiary were discontinued in February 2021. […]

Glaston joins forces with Softsolution to take glass quality inspection in heat treatment forward

Glaston Corporation and Softsolution, an Austria-based manufacturer of quality assurance systems for the glass industry, are collaborating to create even more outstanding quality inspection solutions for tempering lines. The partnership aims to establish a new industry standard in glass quality. It combines the expertise of the world’s leading tempering machinery provider with the knowledge of […]

Vortex Glass aims to serve Florida and the Caribbean with the best

All tempering, laminating and insulating glass lines from Glaston Vortex Glass started its first phase of operations in March 2021 with tempered glass for the Florida and Caribbean construction and architectural markets as they begin to rebound. By the end of this year, Vortex Glass will provide the full range of tempered, laminated and insulated […]

KellGlass chooses Glaston to help add value

KellGlass Limited in Ireland has just installed its first Glaston RC Series furnace in March 2021. The company, located just north of Dublin, plans to use the furnace to add value for its customers in both the double-glazed glass and processing market.  Patrick Kelly, owner and founder of KellGlass Limited, began thinking about purchasing a […]

BVGlazing continues to build value for its customers

“Glass has become a feature of the building – not just something you’re looking through. That’s why all the glass we deliver must be of the highest possible quality,” says Andrew Dolphin, General Manager Glass Operations at BVGlazing in Toronto. “Glaston’s RC350 and FC500 have helped us expand our business to greater capacity with outstanding […]

Custom Glass places trust in Glaston tempering technology

From ashes to flagship FC Series In January 2021, Custom Glass in Liverpool, UK, placed an order for Glaston’s FC Series tempering furnace line, which will be delivered to the factory in early June this year. Although Custom Glass has had positive experiences with three Bystronic glass, now Glaston, IG lines over the years, this […]

Ultra Tough invests in the future with two Glaston FC-zone upgrades

At the end of 2020, Ultra Tough from Welham Green, Hertfordshire, UK, finalized an agreement to purchase two Glaston FC-zone upgrades for their Uniglass 2448 UGT and UGC furnaces. The FC-zone replaces the existing heat chambers with Glaston’s enhanced system based on full convection with high air volume and closed circulation. The upgrades will be […]

AGP invests in two Glaston FC furnaces side by side

“We designed our brand-new plant to deliver high performance results, combining our vision for machinery with our personnel selection to offer a superior product and service to our customers. We chose two Glaston FC tempering lines for repeatable and reliable quality results,” says David Bunting, General Manager of Architectural Glass Products (AGP) AGP will supply […]

Interested in boosting your lamination business?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about adding lamination to your business offering. Or perhaps you already have older lamination machinery that isn’t quite working up to speed. Whatever your situation, Glaston is ready to help. We can help you start from scratch with our ProL laminating line with full convection that ensures the highest quality for […]

PLG buys entry-level Glaston RC tempering line and then upgrades

“We’ve always been an important partner to the large window manufacturers in Finland. Listening to their needs and responding has helped us stay competitive in this market,” Tommi Nousiainen, CEO of PLG in Finland, explains. “We were not specifically looking for a tempering furnace. But when our customers began to require high-quality tempered glass, we […]

Lasiliiri upgrades its product family with Glaston’s FC-zone

“Although our goal is to be one of the leading smart and safety glass manufacturers in Finland, we didn’t have the time needed to install a completely new furnace,” says Raiko Mäkeläinen, Technical Manager at Lasiliiri. “Instead, we went with a significant Glaston’s FC-zone upgrade, which enabled us to leapfrog to the very latest heating […]

Glaston joins Ahlström Collective Impact, a corporate responsibility initiative investing in the better future for children in partnership with UNICEF Finland

Officially launched today, the Ahlström Collective Impact (ACI) is a joint responsibility initiative by Ahlström Network companies consisting of Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Ahlström Capital, Antti Ahlström Perilliset, Destia, Glaston and the Eva Ahlström Foundation. Ahlström Collective Impact is a new collaboration model between the partner companies and UNICEF Finland enabling the Ahlström Network companies to join forces […]

Jaakko-Tuote supersizes its capabilities with first Glaston Jumbo Series in Scandinavia

“Designers are working with even larger glass surfaces, which requires more tempered and tempered-laminated glass. So, we decided to boldly invest in technology that enables us to be in the game,” says Aki Harjunpää, CEO of Jaakko-Tuote of Finland. “Along with other machinery, Glaston’s FC-technology-based Jumbo Series is helping us specialize in highly demanding, world-class […]

Group-wide view of Glaston Products and Services now available on

We’ve renewed our website to reflect the current company structure, product offering and above all to better serve our customers worldwide. Our comprehensive product and services portfolio, including heat treatment technologies, insulating glass technologies as well as automotive and display glass technologies is now available from one source.  What is new is that the Products […]

Glassworks chooses Glaston FC Series to innovate products in glass

“Our aim has always been to bring the best technology and machinery from around the world to serve our market with highly customized solutions in glass,” says Michael Gleeson, Executive Director of Glassworks, in Melbourne, Australia. “With the addition of the Glaston FC Series furnace, we are now capable of handling even larger and more sophisticated pieces, bringing new dimensions in glass innovation to Australia.”

Glaston Group at Eurasia Glass 2020

This year, Glaston is celebrating 150 years of business, thanks to our ongoing track record of being an innovator, frontrunner and visionary thinker. Today, we’re moving beyond machinery manufacturing to automated processes. As one of the first to seize the opportunities of the digital age, Glaston focuses on artificial intelligence and cloud-based services to bring […]


Nowadays, machines can be programmed in such a way that continuous monitoring and optimization of production is possible. Bystronic glass offers its customers valuable and sophisticated software add-ons with new apps for the B’CHAMP automotive glass and the B’BRIGHT display glass production cells. The question of connecting the business world using the keyword “Industry 4.0” […]

High quality requirements driving North American demand

Throughout the year, demand in the architectural glass market in North America has remained strong while customers are focused on growing their business with more advanced products and increased automation. Tightening building regulations and higher quality standards for glass are driving investments for improvements in heat treated glass. As reported in Glaston’s interim reports, the […]

Glaston & Bystronic glass at VITRUM 2019

Showcasing solutions for better uptime, product quality and customer service Digitalization is now more than just a passing trend. Glass processors who have connected to the power behind the data are showing concrete results. These are the pathfinders who want to get more information – easily and automatically – from their equipment and machinery. They’ve […]

Long Nhien builds capacity to serve Vietnamese automotive market

“The market in Vietnam for cars is very large with lots of room for growth. People are becoming wealthier, and sitting in a car is more comfortable than being on a scooter, which may be prohibited in the next few years,” says Nguyen Phuong Tran, Production Manager, and son of Long Nhien Automotive Glass’s owners, […]


TPS® (Thermo Plastic Spacer) will once again be the focus of the Bystronic glass presentation at this year’s Glassbuild America from 17 to 19 September 2019 in Atlanta. Bystronic glass is the inventor of this «warm edge» technology and launched this system in 1994. This is the Original with more than 100 installed TPS® I.G. manufacturing lines […]

Glaston Showroom demos – a tour into innovation

As part of the Glass Performance Days (GPD) 2019 conference, Glaston hosted informative demo tours at its facilities on June 27 and 28. Visitors had the opportunity to see the company’s glass processing machines in operation, check the actual end product quality and hear first-hand about some of Glaston’s latest innovations. The tour began with […]

Bojar invests in Glaston FC Series to prepare for changes in glass quality regulations

“Be it architects, façade engineers or homeowners, people expect high-quality glass products with shorter delivery times. Execution, precision, accuracy and aesthetics all affect customer satisfaction – and higher customer satisfaction leads to extended relationships and more business. We are proud that Bojar is one of only a few companies in the market that offers tempered […]

Glaston & Bystronic glass at China Glass 2019: Come celebrate a world-class combination that offers more passion for glass

At China Glass 2019, the new Glaston and Bystronic glass combination will be officially celebrated for the first time. These two world-class companies now offer the glass processing market the best know-how, a wider value-chain portfolio, extended services along with innovative and integrated technologies. And most importantly, the joined forces will bring the industry more […]

Splendor Shower Door grows with US glass trends using Glaston RC Series

“For our current modernization project, undertaken during Christmas break in 2018, Glaston was by far the best vendor to work with,” says Tom Wanamaker, President of Splendor Shower Door in Holland, Ohio. “From start to finish, our experience with them was great. Communications, installation and training all went very smoothly.” Splendor Glass Door started as […]


In a fiercely competitive market, the high caliber standards of Bystronic glass are giving long standing customers a decidedly significant market advantage. With over 650 employees, Northeast Building Products, based in Philadelphia PA, USA, manufactures high quality, energy efficient windows, doors and ancillary products for the residential window and door market. Alan Levin, President of […]


“Join us at the top” was the exhibition motto of Bystronic glass at glasstec 2018 and the show proved very successful with exceedingly positive results achieved. Bystronic glass presented more than 50 years of experience in innovative glass processing solutions for the architectural, automotive and display glass industries in over 1,000 sqm of exhibition space. […]


At glasstec 2018 from 23 to 26 October 2018, two business units of Conzzeta AG (Switzerland) will for the first time be holding a joint event and trade fair campaign. A special sporting challenge awaits visitors to the Bystronic glass stand in Hall 14, Stand No. A51 / A52 this year. It is a 5 […]

Glaston at Glasstec 2018: Better data leads to uptime and quality

As our industry has started to embrace digital technology to improve performance, Glaston is helping customers put the power of the data to work for them. Those glass processors who have taken the leap already are realizing tremendous gains. It’s actually easier than you think: by being connected and getting better information from your machinery, […]

Washington Art Glass invests in Glaston RC Series

“We’re the new kids on the block with our latest offering of digital ceramic printing on glass, bringing affordability to one-off glass pieces that can be tempered into a long-lasting masterpiece. It was all by chance that we met Dip-Tech at Glasstec in Dusseldorf in 2016. After 18 months, we’ve brought our business idea to fruition,” says Charlie […]


When the glasstec trade fair opens its doors in Düsseldorf on 23-26 October 2018, Bystronic glass will present innovations and trends in architectural, automotive and display glass manufacturing in Hall 14 at Stand A51/A52 true to the motto “Join us at the top“. This exhibition motto will be taken in a proverbial sense because visitors […]

Tristar Glass improves quality and minimizes remakes

“I was very impressed at how quickly we were able to install the new ProL-zone upgrade on our existing lamination line – only 3.5 days – and I’ve been equally impressed with the high-quality output,” says Rob Carlson, Mechanical Engineer at Tristar Glass, Inc.’s Tulsa, Oklahoma facility. “Glaston’s convection technology has exceeded every expectation. The […]

Super Sealed Units chooses Glaston RHC upgrade to save downtime

“With growing demands in our market, we needed to bring our older Glaston furnace up to modern standards. Thanks to the installation done over Christmas break, we were able to save time – to get up and running quickly at the start of the year,” says Sanjay Meghani, Director, at Super Sealed Units Ltd in […]


Longer – Heavier – Bigger! The B’JUMBO XXL insulating glass production line from Bystronic glass can be described using these three attributes that were inspired by the motto that was coined by Pierre de Coubertin for the Olympic Games. With this line, Bystronic glass is setting new benchmarks in architectural glass production: The production line measuring 165 […]


The combined successes of the Bystronic glass and HEGLA Preferred Partnership in the UK was acknowledged at the end of April with the presentation of the Best Machinery Company Accolade at the National Fenestration Awards (#NFA) in Doncaster, England. The Independent Industry Awards event recognised innovation and service to the sector in the glass and […]

Glaston at Glass South America 2018

Glaston focuses on key factors for success – Better data leads to uptime and quality As our industry has started to embrace digital technology to improve performance, Glaston is focused on helping customers put the power of the data to work for them. Those glass processors who have taken the leap are already realizing tremendous gains. […]

Janne Puhakka starts in new Glaston position as ICT Director

On March 1, 2018, Janne Puhakka, took over the newly-created position of ICT Director. He’s excited to help Glaston change from being a production-driven company to a more service- and data-driven one. According to Sasu Koivumäki, Senior Vice President, Machines: “Glaston has been investing heavily on digitalization – and through digitalization, ICT has become an […]

Vetroseal decides in favor of Glaston FC Series

“Since starting up my business 18 years ago, my focus has always been on providing excellent customer service and high-quality double-glazed sealed units. Delivering them the next day, if needed, has set us apart from our competitors,” says Eric Falisi, Managing Director of Vetroseal. “To raise our throughput and quality, we’ve just ordered Glaston’s FC […]

Glaston at China Glass 2018 – Better data leads to uptime and quality

As our industry has started to embrace digital technology to improve performance, Glaston is focused on helping customers put the power of the data to work for them. Those glass processors who have taken the leap are already realizing tremendous gains. It’s actually easier than you think: by getting better information from your machinery and […]


At this year’s China Glass exhibition from 19th – 22nd April 2018 in Shanghai Bystronic glass will present again future-oriented technologies for trend-setting and efficient processing of architectural, automotive and thin glass. B’CHAMP (Automotive and thin glass processing) Profitability in automotive glass pre-processing or thin glass production will be redefined. As highlight of the exhibits Bystronic glass […]

Independent Glass upgrades lamination with Glaston ProL-zone

“Integration is always the biggest risk when combining sections from two different manufacturers,” says Andrew Smith, Group Manufacturing Manager at Independent Glass. Speaking about his company’s recent upgrade, he continues: “The entire upgrade project with Glaston’s ProL-zone went very smoothly. We’ve now been able to increase our laminating capacity, run the line with flexibility and […]

Glaston HTBS supports automotive glass exports from Egypt to the world

“Our definition of glass has changed over the years – from a simple see-through, solid material to a high-performance smart product,” says Mohamed Ezz El-Din, Technical Department Manager at DG Glass. “That’s why we have had to change too. Today, we’re investing in new technologies like Glaston’s HTBS bending and tempering furnace to change the definition of […]


The motto of Bystronic glass at FENSTERBAU / FRONTALE 2018 in Nuremberg is “Take it easy in the field of window manufacture”. Bystronic glass offers in its product range the Easy-Lift WINDOW type, which is especially designed for window and door manufacturers. It is very popular in the sector as it is extremely flexible in terms of frame design […]

Euroview completes changeover to stay on top

“With a company name change and a GBP 4 million investment in new machinery and equipment, Euroview Architectural Glass has set out to provide the finest specialized glass available to commercial applications across the UK. A key part of our drive for quality has been the addition of Glaston’s FC500 flat glass tempering furnace with the first iLooK online […]

ABC Glass Processing selects Glaston’s RC200 for larger, thicker glass

To keep up with the demands of its customers, ABC Glass Processing started up its new Glaston RC200 tempering furnace in spring 2017. “Now we’re able to toughen glass in just a fraction of the time and in larger, longer and thicker sizes than ever before. This investment has enabled us to continue to serve […]

Amber-Glass selects Glaston to support its century-long growth

From a Polish family tradition, where knowledge of glass was passed through generations, Amber-Glass has accepted new challenges and changed with time. “Today, we are extending the possibilities of our glass processing business,” says Marcin Karel, Member of the Board and Production Director of Amber-Glass. “We’re doing this by using only high-end machines from the best […]

Kai Knuutila appointed as Glaston’s Digitalization Manager

Starting at the end of August 2017, Kai Knuutila took the helm as Digitalization Manager, a newly-created position at Glaston. His goal will be to bring the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to glass processing equipment, to foster solutions within the company that lead to a brighter future by embracing the power […]

Peterlee Glass expands – a celebration of 40 years of success

Glaston RC350 enables move to bigger glass sizes “Although October 2017 officially marked our 40th birthday, we’ve been celebrating throughout the entire year with a significant investment in new machinery that will help us continue to grow and thrive in the architectural glass sector. At the end of summer, we started up our new Glaston RC350 […]

Kimmo Kuusela as new Sales Director for Glaston North America

As of the beginning of November 2017, Kimmo Kuusela has been appointed as the new Sales Director for North America. He will be located in Glaston’s office in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, just outside Philadelphia, to oversee the sales of all Glaston products in the US, Canada and Mexico. The goal of this new position […]

Crystal Safety Glass improves performance – simply, quickly, economically

Outdated lamination line upgraded with Glaston ProL Enhancing its flat glass lamination line by replacing outdated components with new technology, Malaysia-based Crystal Safety Glass (CSG) turned an expensive problem into an unexpectedly positive experience. The move was not easy, but it helped bring the processor’s existing line back up to date with an impressive list of value-added features. For […]

Glaston at VITRUM 2017

Glaston puts you in control of anisotropy At VITRUM 2017, Glaston will showcase its brand-new products that promise to take glass processing performance and quality another notch higher. These include flat tempering and laminating technologies that take advantage of digitalization, products for scanning anisotropy and a way to improve throughput by monitoring an entire factory. Glaston […]

Kensington Glass Arts challenges the startup of Glaston’s RC350

Sharpening the edge in a niche interior market Celebrating 40 years of being in business, Kensington Glass Arts decided it was time to upgrade its old Tamglass furnace to Glaston’s RC350. The deal-clinching factor was Glaston’s agreement to get the new furnace installed, commissioned and running saleable tempered glass in just three weeks. With his exceptional […]

Swedish Martin G chooses to simply upgrade furnace into 2017 model

Walking the extra mile for customers since 1899 Founded in 1899, Sweden-based Martin G Anderson has a long history in the glass business. Always ready to walk the extra mile to fulfill the needs of customers, the company completed an upgrade project to turn its 2008 Glaston tempering furnace into one ready for 2017. The […]

Dialum makes its customers’ dreams come true

For Dialum, an avant-garde glass processor in Santiago, Chile, keeping up with the latest technology available has always been natural. “This is what has helped us be chosen for some of the most prominent architectural projects in our region,” says Dialum’s owner Don Fernando Diez. “There is no such thing as a complex project – rather each […]

HSA Lachowicz Krzysztof tempers glass for the first time – and finds it easy

Glaston FC500 selected for tempering It takes courage, market agility and a lot of effort for any business to grow and develop. For family-owned HSA Lachowicz Krzysztof in Poland, it took a bold move to tap into a new business and expand its offering to include tempered glass. But when there’s a reliable equipment supplier […]

Glaston at GlassBuild America 2017

Glaston puts you in control of anisotropy At GBA 2017, Glaston will showcase its brand-new products that promise to take glass processing performance and quality another notch higher. These include flat tempering and laminating technologies that take advantage of digitalization, products for scanning anisotropy and a way to improve throughput by monitoring an entire factory. […]


TPS® AND HOTMELT – FIRST-CLASS SOLUTION FOR THE RESIDENTIAL MARKET At this year’s Glassbuild America from September 12 – 14, 2017 in Atlanta Bystronic glass will present a first-class solution for the requirements of the residential I.G. market – the combination of the Thermo Plastic Spacer material TPS® and a reactive hotmelt sealing material. Bystronic […]

GPD 2017 Step Change announced the winners of the pitching competition

Brite Solar Glass became the winner of the Step Change pitching competition with NEXT Energy and LightGlass coming second and third. All three happen to address their solutions to the glass efficiency issues, developing intelligent glass for the intelligent world of tomorrow. After a brisk and energetic pitching session, the winner of the very first […]

GPD 2017 – Celebrating 25 years

Where we’ve come from; where we’re heading The Opening Ceremony of the 25-year-old Glass Performance Days conference (GPD) that took place in Tampere’s TähtiAreena on June 28 was filled with music, fireworks and high-energy presentations to support the spirit that makes GPD so unique. Combining tradition with a look into the future, an impressive line-up […]


At China Glass 2017 exhibition in Beijing Bystronic glass presented again future-oriented technologies for trend-setting and efficient processing of architectural and automotive glass. “We are quite satisfied with the whole show because we had a lot of visitors at our booth since the beginning of the opening day and we were in interesting, positive conversations […]


At Bystronic glass – in Buetzberg (Switzerland) in particular – there is much delight. The specialist in automotive glass pre-processingequipment is thrilled to have won recently one of the largest orders ever for champ’speed automotive glass cells. A considerable number of Bystronic glass champ’speed cells will be delivered during 2017 and 2018 to several production plants of […]

Glaston at China Glass 2017 – Smart connectivity and cutting-edge technology

At China Glass this May, we will showcase our top products developed with smart technologies, interconnected machines and online reporting to help glass processors reach the highest level of quality and glass processing performance possible. We have a long history of leading with product innovation and the world’s firsts in technology. Our recently introduced IoT smart […]

Al-Hadi Glass Industries lifts its level of professionalism

Glaston FC500 reaches high performance “Once we saw Glaston’s FC500 at Glasstec in Dusseldorf a few years ago, we knew that this was the tempering furnace for us. High-performance glass is required in our region, since temperatures soar to +50°C. And high-performance glass needs high-performance machinery. This is what Glaston’s FC500 tempering furnace is providing […]

Peterlee Glass celebrates 40th anniversary with major growth

Glaston RC350 helps aim for the top “Glaston’s RC350 opens up new opportunities for the architectural market. This furnace is part of our major multimillion-pound investment project for a prestigious new factory that will enable us to serve our customers with larger pieces of processed glass, better toughened lamination quality and a wider portfolio of […]


Within the scope of the »TPedge« project, Bystronic glass has cooperated with scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE) in Freiburg regarding the development of a process for the industrial production of innovative PV modules based on a Fraunhofer patent. Numerous prototypes of these TPedge modules have now been subjected to […]

Village Glass to use data as key to develop business

Glaston FC500 with first iLooK in the UK “When I came to Village Glass in May 2015, I was excited about the opportunity to grow the business to become the largest independent producer of glazed units in the UK. Data is key to develop any business. That’s why we decided to invest in Glaston’s FC500 […]

New business opportunities with Glaston Matrix for Shandong Donghao Autoglass

With quality as a priority, the Shandong Donghao Autoglass in China chose Glaston Matrix to bend even the most demanding windshield shapes and meet the highest OEM standards. Founded in 2009 in Liaocheng City, Shandong Donghao Autoglass is one of the biggest automotive glass companies in China, processing all kinds of glasses for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, […]

United Plate Glass shares best kept secret

Glaston heating chamber replacement for tempering furnace “When you’re basically happy with the quench and your bed size, it becomes a no-brainer to change the furnace chambers with Glaston’s chamber replacements to get a completely new furnace. The best thing – you’re only paying about half the price of a new furnace and you get […]

Glaston at Glasstech Asia 2016

Glasstech Asia 2016 will be staged in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from 24 – 26 November 2016. Meet as at our stand E17 in Hall A2, to learn more about: Glaston Insight – a platform that gathers global processing data and transforms it into production excellence. The result is improved automation based on actual measured data […]

Glaston at GlassBuild America 2016

Glaston presents the next chapter in the glass heat treatment business at this year’s GlassBuild America by combining its technology leadership with smart connectivity.  Glaston Insight – excellence comes standard Glaston Insight is a platform that gathers global processing data and transforms it into production excellence. The result is improved automation based on actual measured […]

Glaseksperten gets better than expected results

Glaston ProL-zone upgrade for old lamination line chamber “It’s really something when you have a new section installed in between all the old, and everything works seamlessly both mechanically and electrically,” says Lone Kjaer Joergensen, Production Manager of Glaseksperten A/S in Hjorring, Denmark. “I was really excited and a bit nervous, but with our new Glaston ProL-zone upgrade, we got […]

Glaston at Glasstec 2016: Insight leads to smart machines

We’re happy to present the next chapter in the glass heat treatment business at this year’s Glasstec 2016 by combining our technology leadership with smart connectivity. With a strong focus on giving customers the best possible experience and business results, we will introduce our latest innovations to help glass processors reach an even higher level of performance.

Agnora creates oversized masterpieces for iconic brands

“Agnora is known for fabricating the largest architectural glass in all of North America. We’ve chosen to specialize in custom fabrication and oversized glass. We’re not a glass factory,” underlines Richard Wilson, President of Agnora, Inc., in Collingwood, in Ontario, Canada, about two hours north of Toronto. “To stay as the leader in this area, we continue to invest in […]


Two years after Bystronic glass in Bützberg, Switzerland celebrated its 50 year anniversary, the Neuhausen-Hamburg division in Baden Württemberg, Germany followed suit. This location has been developing, manufacturing and shipping machines and insulating glass production units all over the world since 1966. Employees, their families as well as former employees all celebrated this major company […]

Equipped for the future thanks to 50 years of experience

When the glasstec trade fair opens its doors in Düsseldorf on 20-23 September 2016, Bystronic glass will present more than 50 years of experience, innovations and trends in insulating glass manufacturing as well as automotive glass pre-processing at Stand A38/E38 in Hall 14 true to the motto “Mission next 50 years“. Two years after celebrating this […]

Tambest upgrades performance with control system

“Over the years, we’ve always been able to differentiate our offering by providing the very best quality with very short delivery times. Recently, our reputation has enabled us to win challenging architectural glass projects from many countries around the world,” says Keijo Uusitalo, Production Manager of Tambest in Forssa, Finland. “To keep our performance at such a high level, we decided to […]

Most successful premium tempering furnace of all times

Glaston sells over 130 FC500 units in just five years    Despite turbulence in the world’s economy and construction industry in particular, Glaston has set a new sales record with its premium FC500 tempering line for unmatched glass processing versatility and end product quality. In 2015 alone, Glaston delivered more than 30 FC500 tempering furnaces […]


At this year’s China Glass exhibition which was held in Shanghai from 11th-14th April 2016 Bystronic glass once again presented intriguing, trend-setting technologies for efficient architectural and automotive glass processing. Thanks to the professional surrounding, highly skilled contacts and interesting conversations the trade fair were successful for Bystronic glass. At the well attended stand customers took the opportunity to examine a tps’applicator and the new finisher during […]

Glass Team starts operations with top equipment line-up

“When you start up a glass processing facility from scratch, you need to know that you can be comfortable with your choice of equipment. We wanted to have technology that would give us the ability to process high-specification Low-E glass, reliable operation and local engineering support in case we need it,” says David Whitburn, Managing […]


It is only recently that 70 TPedge photovoltaic modules have adorned the external façade of Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) laboratory in Freiburg (Germany). These modules are a joint development between Bystronic glass and the Fraunhofer ISE. Ten of these modules were already integrated into the façade in 2013 and still they continue […]


Faster – Higher – Stronger! Bystronic glass is re-interpreting this classic motto originally adopted by Pierre de Coubertin for the Olympic Games, by adding the phrase “bigger”. The architectural glass processing machine and plant specialist recently delivered the first, new jumbo’sealer to Glas Trösch in Bützberg (Switzerland). The jumbo’sealer allows automatic insulating glass units sealing […]


FLACHGLAS Wernberg GmbH is one of Europe´s leading glass processors and has been located in the German town of Wernberg since 1938. With more than 600 employees the company manufactures insulating glass, automotive glazing, laminated glass and tempered glass for use in facades, interiors and motor vehicles. The insulating glass units are manufactured on one […]


At the Bystronic glass Neuhausen-Hamberg location, there is a cause for great delight: The 1000th sealing robot, namely the high-performance “speed’sealer” was delivered a few days ago to a Chinese customer. All employees are extremely proud, especially the group leader in the mechanical assembly department, Heinz Burghard, who previously worked on the production of the […]


For Bystronic glass, this year’s China Glass trade fair, which will take place from 20th to 23rd May 2015 in Beijing, will be characterised by the 10th anniversary of the Bystronic glass location in Shanghai. Together with its customers and guests, Bystronic glass will celebrate this jubilee during a daily Happy Hour with German Beer and a Swiss […]


Standard insulating glass is now a thing of the past; the Lerobel Company is breaking new ground, and in the process astonishing even experienced Bystronic glass sales engineers. Company owner Yannick Leroi and his project manager Rudi Vaneyck discuss the co-operation with Bystronic glass and why they have placed their trust in the TPS®-4SG technology […]


For Bystronic glass, the glasstec 2014 trade fair which took place in Düsseldorf, was dominated by the 50th anniversary of the Bützberg division (Switzerland). In addition to anniversary celebrations, the high-speed solutions for architectural and automotive glass glass processing proved extremely popular with many trade fair stand visitors. Daily moderated live machinery presentations gave a deeper […]


Since 1994, Bystronic glass has accrued experience with TPS®(Thermo Plastic Spacer) production. As the inventor and thanks to its extensive experience, Bystronic glass is the industry leader. Conventional insulating glass with metal spacer transfers the heat or the cold respectively to either the inside or outside, which consequently does not provide an ideal thermal insulation. The […]


For Bystronic glass, the 2014 glasstec trade fair, which will take place between the 21st and 24th of October in Düsseldorf, will be characterised by the 50th anniversary of the Bützberg location (Switzerland). Together with its customers, Bystronic glass will celebrate with a daily “Swiss Hour” between 17:00 and 18:00 complete with Swiss culinary delights. Bystronic glass will […]

50 years of Bystronic glass in Bützberg (Switzerland)

This year, Bystronic Maschinen AG based in Bützberg (Switzerland)  can look back upon a successful 50 year company history. This was reason enough for the management board to celebrate this anniversary together with all employees and their families.  Consequently, an evening event was held in a circus tent alongside a company open day on the […]


With effect from February 2014 Dr. Burghard Schneider succeeded André Brütsch as Head of the Bystronic glass Group. In his position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), he will automatically become a member of the Conzzeta AG Management Group. Burghard Schneider studied at Munich Technical University where he gained his doctorate in the field of machine […]


Bystronic glass will exhibit its practical entry model for industrial insulating glass production at this year’s China Glass trade fair taking place between 14 and 17 April in Shanghai. The comfort’line offers high quality manufacturing for gas-filled insulating glass units at an excellent cost/performance ratio. In addition to the proven Bystronic glass quality, the comfort’line guarantees excellence with […]


At the beginning of 2012, Bystronic glass announced a reorganisation which nearly a year and a half later is now almost complete. Both the Strategic Business Unit (SBU) automotive glass and the machine service team for architectural glass cutting machines are under one roof at the Bystronic glass Swiss location in Bützberg. The SBU insulating […]

Vitrum 2013: Future-oriented systems for glass processing

At this year’s Vitrum trade fair taking place in Milan between October 23 and 26, Bystronic glass and Hegla will emphasise their preferred partner cooperation and will share stand space measuring 300 square metres. There, they will present their machines together: Bystronic glass handling equipment will equip a Hegla cutting table with glass. Of course, […]


The official inauguration of the new laboratory building at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in Freiburg took place at the beginning of July.  Prior to this the first ten of an eventual 250 TPedge solar modules were put in place and now decorate the façade of the new building. The TPedge modules were and […]


Those who believe that insulating glass (IG) manufacturers are always located on industrial estates on the outskirts of towns are very much mistaken. The route to Armour Sealed Units passes through the centre of a quiet residential area in Bristol and ends in a cul-de-sac. An older building, measuring almost 250 square metres with the […]


The rekord Fenster + Türen GmbH & Co. KG company is the proud and satisfied owner of the 1,500th piece of Easy-Lift handling equipment sold by Bystronic glass. Since 1998, the device has been impressing customers from the glass processing industry with its rigid guidance and its own low dead weight. Also the use of the […]


At FIT show 2013 in Telford (UK) Bystronic glass will inform about its innovative system solutions for the modern processing of glass. The customers will get an overview about the latest machinery for the manufacturing of insulating glass and laminated glass, handling equipment and for the pre-processing of automotive glass at stand No. 4-325 from […]


The high and increasing proportion of triple insulating glass is forcing insulating glass manufacturers to adjust their production processes according to the demand. Therefore Bystronic glass offers its speed’line which is able to produce triple insulating glass in the same time it takes other lines to produce double units. The production line consists of two tps’applicator components […]


At this year’s glasstec / solarpeq trade fair, which took place in Düsseldorf between October 23 and 26, Bystronic glass presented high speed solutions for glass processing in the architectural and automotive glass sectors as well as innovative solutions for the solar industry. As announced Bystronic glass additionally emphasised the preferred partner cooperation with HEGLA: […]


In the far east of Germany, six kilometres from the Polish border, Flachglas Uhsmannsdorf GmbH produces high-quality branded insulating glass. This company, which is nowadays part of the Saint-Gobain group, evolved from a glass factory founded in 1890. With his experience of both socialism and capitalism over the past 40 years branch manager Alfred Bayer […]


At this year’s glasstec / solarpeq trade fair, which will take place in Düsseldorf between October 23 and 26, Bystronic glass will additionally be emphasising the preferred partner cooperation with HEGLA in a spatial manner: the Bystronic glass stand, located in Hall 14 and measuring over 1000 m2 will be situated directly next to that […]


At this year’s GlassBuild America show, which will take place in Las Vegas between September 12 and 14, Bystronic glass will present its innovative system solutions for the modern processing of glass at a joint booth together with co-operation partner Hegla. The customers will get an overview about the latest machinery for the manufacturing of […]


The cooperation agreement between Bystronic glass and HEGLA has been completed and was signed by both parties on 01 June 2012. After having initially announced the intent of cooperation on 10 January 2012, Bystronic glass and HEGLA are entering a “Preferred Partner” cooperation with immediate effect. The key points of this cooperation were determined within […]


When Semcoglas added the german Aschaffenburg location to its Company Group in October 2003, the production facility only had an old glass cutting facility and a small insulating glass line at its disposal. Since the start of this year, Semcoglas has now been working with an ultra-modern Bystronic glass production line for the manufacture of […]


At the 6th SNEC PV POWER EXPO in Shanghai Bystronic glass will present its photovoltaic’tpa for the efficient encapsulation and sealing of photovoltaic thin-film modules. On May 16 – 18 visitors will be able to view the machine for the application of high-viscous butyl on semiconductor thin-film substrates being at work several times a day at stand […]


Bystronic glass has recently launched the comfort’line to the European Market designed for the production of insulating glass. Bernhard Schmitt, Managing Director of Bystronic glass in Neuhausen-Hamberg, Germany states that, “Working with the line is comfortable, quick and precise providing the ideal entry into solution for industrial insulating glass production”. He explains “At the same time, the […]


With exhibits and multimedia applications, Bystronic glass will demonstrate future-oriented machines and solutions for fast window sash glazing, automated window and facade production using ultra-modern warm-edge insulating glasses, cost-optimised solar module production as well as efficient utilisation of handling systems on Stand 7A-101 at fensterbau/frontale 2012 in Nuremberg. With the sash’line, Bystronic glass offers an opportunity […]


At this year’s China Glass in Shanghai, Bystronic glass will present two fast machines for glass processing. From April 2-5, 2012 visitors to the exhibition can see the speed’sealer, a high-speed sealing robot for insulating glass unit production, as well as the champ’speedgrind developed for the quick premium grinding of automotive glass edges on stand E-328 in hall […]


Bystronic glass wants to bundle its forces and expertise in order to ensure the long-term competitiveness. In Germany, the group of companies is planning to merge the production of machines and plants for the specialist field of architectural glass at the Neuhausen-Hamberg location. At the same time, Bystronic glass wants to streamline its industrial activities […]


The TPedge module, jointly developed by Bystronic glass and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE has successfully completed the mechanical load test and hail impact test. The characteristic features of the TPedge module technology are the local fixing of the cell array – without lamination – and a glass edge sealing. The TPedge modules in the full-format measuring 1636 […]